Current Emotion

Current Emotion

Hope you enjoy the quiz. It took me a little while to make. Hope the quiz was worth while

published on April 19, 201160 responses 14 3.4★ / 5

Why are you taking this quiz

I have nothing better to do.
No reason at all.
It sounds interesting.
Not sure really.

How badly do you want to take it?

Really, really badly.
A lot.
Not that much.
Not at all.

What did you answer to the last question.

Why does it matter?
C or D
Uhhhh. B

What did you do before this?

Hang out with friends.
Watched T.V.
It's a secret.

What is your favorite food.

I have a lot of favorite foods.
Chocolate or candy.
Fruits or vegetables.
I dont know...