Your very own Camp HalfBlood love life!!

Your very own Camp HalfBlood love life!!

YOu can pretty much already tell what this thing is about but I assure you, it wil be AWESOME!!!

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Okay! So you walk through the gate... AND YEAH!! you're finally at Camp half blood! so after you've talked to Chiron, you go to...

the archery station
to the forge
find someone who can explain everything to me
to the underworld...well I want to!
sit around and hang with my cabin mates
go to my cabin! Is there a problem with wanting
some peace and quiet?!?

After your first training session, Chiron introduces you to some of the campers. The first person you notice is...

An asian guy who looks pretty nice and is
hanging out with a couple friends
A guy with jet black hair and green eyes who
seems to be really popular at camp
A blonde dude with blue eyes... who just, doesn't
really fit in with everybody else
A guy with curly black hair who looks like a
mexican elf and is messing with odds and ends
A guy with sandy blonde hair leaning against a
wall and laughing with a couple friends
a guy with black hair all the way in the back f the
crowd. He's quieta and seems to be deep in
thought about somethig else.

After that, Chiron assigns you a girl named Annabeth ro show you around. While you walk you glance back at the boy with green eyes appearently named Percy- and Annabeth gives you a resentful look. You look at her and say?

"Do you know where the bathroom is?"
"Is that your boyfriend?! He's HOT!!"
"Ummm... do you mind? You're kinda glaring at
me! It's kinda creepy!"
"Percy looks like a pile of dirt. UGGH!!"
"Do you know where the blondies went?"
"You know... the other guys looked kinda

Annabeth just shrugs and she lets you go to the bathroom. When you pass the water fountain you recognize the guy named Jason. He's just sitting on the ground examining an electrical spear. He notices you're coming and says, "Hi." You:

Reply, "Hi. thats a cool spear. Where'd you get
say nothing. you keep walking...
Say, "HI." and continue walking to the bathroom
Say, "You wanna be friends? I mean... you're
kinda cool."
Hug him and say, "Hey, wanna go out!?!"

When you walk out of the bathroom, Jason is gone and you see Percy talking to that girl Annabeth... AGAIN!! YOu think?

Nothing. Just keep walking.
That guy is a peice of dirt!
He seems so cool! You are sure you and Percy
will be good friends.
You should join them and say HI!
He is sooo CUTE!! When is the blondie girl gonna
give up on this guy??

On yor way back, you see Frank, te asian kid, and you guys talk and get to know each other. Frank helps you with your archery session. When you are done, he asks you if you know your godly parents yet. You reply?

"No, but hopefully they'll claim me tonight at the campfire."
you just shrug and walk away
"I hope it's not apollo, then we wouldn't be able to...." and you hitch up a long conversation with him.
"Maybe it'll be the cabin next to yours and we could hang out."
You shake your head and talk about other things

Evening draws near and the camp fire starts. Everyone is:

Excited you are here and want to be friends with you right away
Nervous. They sense that you shouldn't be here. But there are some people trying to flirt with you and it is really geting on your nerves!
Trying to lead you down the right road so you don't turn evil...
Ignoring you
Thinking that there is something weird about you
Welcoming you, and some campers want to be friends with you.

When the campfire starts, you're so excited! The flames turn from purple, to green, to gold. You finally start to think this is actually a great place. You've finally found a home! Then the fire dies and you know something is wrong: th cmp fire has ended and no one has claimed you yet! You'll just have to stay in the Hermes cabin tonight. So you walk over to the Hermes cabin and run into guy named luke. He shows you around the cabin. You can't wait to:

Smack him really hard and kick him over, and over, and over, and over...
Hang out with him tomorrow
Go to sleep
Get out of here
Go on a date with him
Get to know him

Tomorrow morning, you wake up and realize you finally ahve some free time! You'd always thought the that the Hephaestus cabin was building looked kinda cool, s you decide to stop there. The head counselor, Leo, has decided to give you a tour, "So what do ya' think 'bout this place?" He asks.

"Oh, it's pretty nice. I'd like to build something here."
"Uhh... I'm not really a fan of blacksmiths." (me: Well than why did you come!!)
"It's cool." you shrug
"NO! I don't like it!" and you storm bac to your cabin. (me: Geez... thats harsh!)
"I hink it's a great place, do you wanna go to the Hermes cabin and..." you start a long conversation with him
It's a nice place. I have a feeling we'll be good friends, too"

When you're getting ready for your next training session, you realize you have monster assult techniques with Nico... the son of Hades.. He seems kinda sad. You:

Realize he's sad cause his sister died and try to make him feel better
Walk away. Who wants to hang out with a grumpy stupid son of Hades?!
Hug him. Say that you'll take the place f his sister and promise he'll be really happy with you
Feel sorry for him... :(
Sit there and ignore him.
Ask him out!

On the end o the second day, you lay down on your bed in the Hermes cabin. You still have'nt been clamed yet. Tomorrow you will stop by the"

Posiedon Cabin
Hephaestus Cabin
Hades Cabin
Ares Cabin
Zeus Cabin
Stay in the Hermes Cabin

Who was your favorite Character?

Jason Grace
Leo Valdez
Percy Jackson
Luke Castellean
Nico DI angelo
Frank Zhang