Aptitude Test (Divergent)

Aptitude Test (Divergent)

Do you belong in Candor, Amity, Dauntless, Abnegation, or Erudite? Find out with this quiz!

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If you could have any of these jobs, and make good money doing them, which would you prefer?

Police officer
Singer, musician, or other artist
Charity worker

You've finished school or your job for the day. What would you typically do afterwards? (Be honest!)

Read books
Run around town with your friends
Sing or play an instrument
Volunteer somewhere you believe in
Debate things with your friends or online
Have a makeover session with your friends
Bully or beat up people you don't like
Learn about new things
Dance or do artwork
Try to more deeply penetrate one of life's mysteries
Make or sort out things to donate

What do you, as a person, believe in?

Dishonesty causes a lot of problems in the world
Greediness is a huge problem in our society
Peace is better than aggression
Being a coward is one of the worst things you can be
Learning and research will help a lot of people
It is braver to concede to an opponent against whom you cannot win than to keep fighting
Logic always prevails above all else, including feelings or morals
Kindness and tolerance are extremely important
If we do not seek the truth, we are doing wrong

What sorts of words would you use to describe yourself?

Kind, friendly, cheerful
Logical, cool-headed, intelligent
Eager to learn new things, intelligent, flexible of mind
Just, honest, trustworthy
Brave, daring, adventurous, but also ethical
Brave, violent, ruthless
Generous, giving, charitable

In a school hallway at lunch, someone goes up to you and starts to taunt and bully you, saying nasty things about you and pushing you around. It's clear they mean to fight you if they can. How do you react?

Say nasty, but true, things back
Warn them that if they don't stop, you can't be held accountable for your actions
Yell for a teacher
Immediately start to fight with them
Completely flatten them with your logic and wit
You don't do anything; you remain passive until they leave you alone.
Report them after the conflict, including their names and exactly what they said

You find a stray dog in the streets. You can see all its bones sticking out, and it's shivering and looks completely miserable. What do you do?

Take it home and nurse it back to health
Take it home and immediately call an animal rescue service
Take it home to help it, wondering how on earth anybody could be so cruel to an innocent animal
Ignore it; it's none of your business if a stray mutt lives or dies
Throw stones at it and laugh

You are mad at one of your friends (we'll call them S). Your best friend (K) is still friends with both of you, though she knows you're mad at S. During lunch, you find them outside chatting amiably. What do you do?

Sit down and join in the conversation. Being mad is no reason not to be nice.
Angrily demand why K is talking to S, since K knows you're mad at S
Start shouting at S
Start a physical fight with S
Ask S if there's anything you can do to help make things better between you
Tell S your exact opinion of them, not caring if the previous conversation is interrupted
Explain to S that if they take certain steps, a reconciliation might be possible
Walk away. You don't want to conflict with S or K.

It's a game of truth or dare with a group of your good friends. When it's your turn, which do you pick, and why?

Dare. I'll do anything they ask me to do. Besides, dares are hilarious!
Dare. Only sissies pick truth.
Dare. It's better to do a dare than to tell a truth that might upset someone.
Truth. And no matter how personal the question, you are meticulous about answering 100% truthfully.
Truth. You hate truth and dares alike, but you don't want to upset the group by not playing.
You refuse to play. There's no logical need to play a game like this.
You refuse to play. Thinking so much about yourself is counterproductive.

Time to pick out what to wear for the day! What do you go for?

Something comfortable that isn't super noticeable
Something comfortable but pleasing to the eye
Something suitable for the types of activities you're going to be doing that day
Something that expresses your personality
Something revealing or unusual
Something that shows off how strong and tough you are
Something that's trendy, so you fit in well with others

How do you think other people would describe you?

Honest and trustworthy
Smart and generally a good person
Smart, but aloof or cocky towards others
Aggressive and sometimes downright nasty
A thrill-seeker who likes to have fun and laugh a lot
Kind and friendly
Cheerful and upbeat
Generous and giving of yourself

There's been a disastrous hurricane in your city, and a lot of homes were destroyed. Many people are injured or homeless and are evacuating to various makeshift shelters in the city. Your home escaped intact, but you know you are needed to help out in some way. What do you do? (Assume you have the expertise necessary to do all these jobs equally well.)

Help police the streets for thieves and other criminals
Assist with the rescue of people who are trapped in very high-up apartment buildings or underneath piles of rubble
Go to one of the shelters and help cook meals, make up beds, etc for the homeless individuals
Help with a logistics team to organize who to rescue first, transport to hospitals, etc
Help as a doctor/nurse in one of the hospitals, as influxes of patients make their way through the doors, some needing critical or serious care
Go to a shelter and play games with the children, give pep talks to families, and comfort and help them in their hour of need
Make sure the government properly allocates funds for disaster relief, and make sure the money gets used well (no wastage or unnecessary comforts).

What do you want most in life?

A thorough education and a career that is intellectually stimulating and rewarding
To use your intelligence and knowledge to make the world a better place, however you are best suited to do so
To protect the innocent from harm, regardless of whether it means risking your own safety
To always make sure everyone knows how tough, strong, and brave you are, and to achieve high status as a reward for your skills
A loving family and peer group who stays by your side through thick and thin
To help those in need, however you can
To force people to be more truthful, especially in areas like politics and controversial subjects, so things can get resolved and society can move on and become better