Are you sweet and innocent, devilish or a bit of both?

Are you sweet and innocent, devilish or a bit of both?

Here lies a quick quiz to see whether your an innocent angel or guilty devil

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If your Mum asked you to do some of the worst chores for the day would you:

Say of course and do them time to come to reality Mum will not let you get away but still feel miserable
Get really annoyed, shout you've already done enough work and lock yourself in your bedroom
Do them but not properly

If your boyfriend or girlfriend had a row with you would you:

Race to the nearest person you know rant on how unfair life is then apologise then to go and make up with you boyfriend or girlfriend
Just face it it's a row all relationships have them and try o be as positive as possible
Storm home in a violent rage and blame it all on your family and friends

A teacher has decided to pick on you today and when she sees you talking to your mate about an illegal party she aks you to confess to her what you were discussing would you:

Just give her a small hint saying you had suggested you could provide the achohol then run out shouting that you were going to invitr her too but it might make her a bit light headed
Would you say you were debating whether to go listing all the positives and negatives
Would you say you were advising your mate not to go as it would just lead to trouble

You've been chosen to represent a rat in the school musical you:

Overeact saying you won't take part at all in the stupid play
Agree to do the part and play it perfectly despite the fact you get the mickey took out of you
You try to negotiate with the teacher on swapping parts but after many fails you do the part but bring in an outrageous oufit to play it in

You buy Scream 4 but your little sister wants to watch it as well, in the end you let her but she screams and whines all the way through you:

Tell her to shut up because it isn't real and if she screams any more you'll turn it off
You shout at her for being so stupid and send her to bed
You turn it off and suggest you put on her teletubbies dvd instead

Your little sis somehow ends up getting hold of your Blackberry Curve and drops it down the toilet so you:

Go bad at her and give her best toy to the garbage men-she shouldnt have broke such an expensive item of yours
You go mad at her but eventually forgive her
You clamly say it doesnt matter it was only a stupid gadget and family matters more