How isolated are you?

How isolated are you?

Find out if you are isolating yourself from your friends and family like Frankenstein.

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You're favorite hobby is...

Gossiping and going to parties with my friends
Listening to music alone in your room
Walking your dog

Your family is....

Fun to hang out with
Horrible, I hate them

Seeing your friends at school is...

It's okay, I don't really talk to them that much
Great! I get to gossip all day!
It's horrible, I don't talk to anyone.

You're favorite song right now is...

I don't listen to music
Whatever I hear on the radio when I listen which is not often
Anything by my favorite singer

On the weekends, you typically...

Hangout with friends
Spend the night alone in your room
Do homework

What clubs are you involved in at school?

They're clubs at school?
Student council, Interact, Orchestra, and sports

Your teacher tells you to get a partner, you instantly go to...

Your best friend of course!
You look around and find someone without a partner
You're the only one without a partner

The last text you received said...

Want to hang out this weekend?
What do you want for dinner?
I don't text

The most recent person you texted was...

No one.
My mom.
My best friend.

Group projects are...

My favorite, they're so fun!
Horrible, I dread them.
They're ok if I find a good partner