mavin. wait who?!

mavin. wait who?!

a quiz i really! wanted to do, prepare to get confused and to not to know what happening.

published on April 11, 20137 responses 4 1.0★ / 5

what would you say about two lagging creepers

hug them and then run away.
i wouldn't go near them.

do you play with others well?

no way!
sometimes i do, sometimes i don't

what would you do if a house was set on fire in minecraft?

that was me
i would chase them
both, i don't know!

what skin would you wear in minecratf?


how to you feel about soggy bread?

not really sure
i hate it
best prank ever

what do you like to say?

mark nutt!
f*** you
depends on how i feel

what you do when you die in a game?

i rage quit
i make weird noises
a little bit of both