What is you're Warrior name, mate kits and pelt color.

What is you're Warrior name, mate kits and pelt color.

Find out what you're warrior life is! Find who you're mate is, what you're kits are, what you look like and what you're current station is in you're clan!

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You are hunting and a rabbit you were stalking goes into another clans boarder, you...

Go and get it! It's just one rabbit!
Stay were you are, if the rabbit didn't see you it
may come over here again.
Stalk away frustrated.
Keep three of you're legs on the ground
balancing you while you see if you can reach it!
Return to hunting

You see a kit drowning you know you're fur will DRENCH once you go in, you...

Stand on firm ground, you're NOT going to risk
you're life for that useless lump of fur!
Grab together a lump of sticks and leaves and
float over to the kit, pick it up and swim back
Swim desperately over to the kit grab it and swim
back licking it quickly!
Swim over and grab it! Licking the kit fiercely!
Swim over of course! A clan's loss is all clan's

RP time! You are stalking through the woods with mice hanging out of you're jaws when suddenly a wave of cats race for camp! you...

Run away! You want to eat in peace!
Let out a LONG LOUD yowl and race to camp!
Race to camp as quick as you can, leaving the
mice behind.
Run strait for the nursery and yowl, "I am sorry
Silverleaf! I was hunting!" you are far to close to
having kits to fight.
Yowl a warning and race to camp to fight for
you're clan!

After the battle, to help you're clan you...

Go and hunt, you ate what you found and
claimed all the prey got scared by the battle.
Organize some hunting patrols and go hunt
you're self!
Help the medicine cat, she is going to need a lot
of help!
Peep out of the nursery and see if you're mate is
all right!
Check the entire territory with the least harmed
cats, then hunt.

You are chosen to go on a hunting patrol! you hunt...

Mice, Frogs...
Lizards... frogs..
Mice ,squirrels
Fish, voles!

You find out that the medicine cat is seeing a cat from a different clan! you....

Tell her she HAS to stop seeing him!
Tell her if she sees him again you will tell the
March strait into camps and tell the leader!
Tell her she must remain loyal to her clan! Tell
her she must always have a Warrior escort when
going to pick herbs.

You're best friend tells you she is going to have kits! you react...

Sulkily... now you can't plot together!
You rejoice with them! kits are wonderful!
Screech and bound around in circles around
you're friend asking her to please tell you who
the father is!
Say you are VERY happy for her and purr loud
enough that every cat from here to fourtrees will
Tell her how happy you are for her, then jokingly
add that you thought she was getting a little

You are asked to gather a hunting patrol of two cats besides yourself, you pick...

Darkheart and Clawtail! now we can plot
Windwhisper and Lavenderfur.
Dusksong and her apprentice, Cloudpaw.
Your mate, Firestorm and Lilyheart!
The best hunters in the clan! Mousefur and

You are raiding an attack on Shadow clan! They have been stealing prey for over a moon! your strategy is...

Pick the weakest cat and give them as many
scars as you can!
Bite dodge and bite some more!
Claw and bite! Claw and bite! Claw and- OW!
Take THAT!
Slip under you're enemies and jump on their
back! Clawing furiously!
Head for the clan leader! once he is beaten, the
battle ends!

You get an apprentice of you're own! His name is Ashpaw you first train him in...

Fighting! there is nothing better than fighting!
Also have him plot with you!
Teach him how to get moss for the elders
Show him the territory and the best places to
Teach him to hunt right away!
Show him the territory then teach him how to