Do you get the most out of sleep

Do you get the most out of sleep

take the quiz to figure out if you get the most out of sleep. Also get some tips to get more out of sleep

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how much sleep do you get a night

less than 6 hours
about 6
between 6 and 8
8 or more

how long before bed do you eat dinner?

less than an hour
about 2 hours
about 3 hours
over 3 hours

what do you do about an hour before bed

read, take a hot shower, listen to relaxing music
take a hot shower, go on facebook
electronics, tv etc
watch tv until I pass out

how many times do you hit the snooze button before you wake up

more than two

what is your room like at night?

not very dark, loud, and uncomfortable temperature
kind of dark, sort of loud, and sometimes the temperature is uncomfortable
pretty dark, sometimes loud, and every now and again the temperature is uncomfortable
always dark, almost never loud, and my room is always the right temperature.