wolves of the everfree(1)

wolves of the everfree(1)

This is my first out of 4 quizzes so be on the look out for my others. I'm writing a story called Wolves of the Everfree, and this first quiz will see which pack you would be in. So enjoy! ;)

published on April 10, 201342 responses 10
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If you came acrossed an injured pup from another pack, what would you do?

Try and heal the best I can then leave, I don't want to possibly be killed by its pack
Try and find its mother even if it means crossing boundaries.
Bring it back to camp, my leader will know what to do.
Kill it. It needed to be put out of its misery, then walk away.
Kill it. Not to put it out of its misery, just because it looks like fun!

What is your favorite color?

Yellow or black, colors of storms
Black, black, and more BLACK
Blue, the color of the oceans
White or silver
Red, the color of the blood of my enimies. Awwrooo!!!

What is more powerful?

ME awwrrooo!!!

If you saw a group of wolves attacking your mate and apprentice, and another wolf attacking your leader you woul...

Help mate and apprentice and then tell them to help your leader, more power to win
Kill the wolf on your leader, he's more important anyway.
Run and hide so many wolves, HELP!!!
Kill the wolf on leader then kill leader, who knows you could become alpha.
Kill wolves attacking mate, then go off and injure more. The leaders got this, right?

What pack do you think you'll get? (doesn't affect result)

Lightning pack
Water pack
Dark pack
Air pack
Bone pack