are you awesome or lame

are you awesome or lame

lots of people are awesome lots of people are lame lame is lame ok awesome is aweome got that you maybe you dident because your lame

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if your a boy and you and your friends are with some other dudes and they say lets play football what do you do.

say lets go!!!!
no im scared
ok lets play

if you get a gf or bf what will you do

tell everybody i know
dont tell nobody thats my privacy
just tell my siblings they wont tell nobody

if you see the school bully bullying your best friend so then bullys you what will you do

stand up to the bully or fight back
let the bully bully me

do you belive in god


if you where playing football and you was about to tackle somebody what would you do

tackle them
go to the ground
act like im going to tackle and miss.

have you ever had a gf or bf for at least a month

no im such a loser

have you ever pee are pooped your pants when you where six are older when you was wide awake