What color eyes should you have been born with?

What color eyes should you have been born with?

Ever feel like maybe your eye color isn't right for your personality? Take this quiz to see if your eye color is the color you were supposed to be born with...or not. ;]

published on April 07, 2013448 responses 109
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What is/was your favorite subject in school?

Social Studies
Language Arts

What is your favorite color?


Favorite Show?

Teen mom/16 and pregnant
Robot Chicken/Family Guy/ South Park
A documentary
I don't really watch TV
Something on the Disney Channel

when you were a kid, you were...

playing with barbie dolls/ GI Joe
playing with cars
outdoors looking for bugs, frogs, picking flowers, and digging for worms
climbing trees, playing catch, swimming
building forts, playing with leggos
watching your younger siblings, playing with them, looking out for people younger than you and taking care of pets

What would you rather travel in?

a jeep
something that has good gas mileage
something safe, but I can still have a good time in
something that can hold a lot of people

How would your best friend describe you?

Curious, competitive, mysterious, intelligent
Spontaneous, elegant, independent, couragous
Pretty, peaceful, kind, smart
Trustworthy, responsible, secretive, passionate
Wise, gentle, rational, sensitive
Confident, adorable, polite, caring

What do you look for in a potential partner?

Someone who likes to try new things with me, is not afraid of taking risks
Someone who has the same ideas as I do on certain things, affectionate, and respects their family and me
Is optimistic, never leaves their friends in time of need, is trustworthy and responsible
Is a little bit older, someone I can lean on and share my secrets with
Someone I can learn from and smart, curious and mysterious
Is happy, a little younger, attractive, peaceful, and someone I can be with for a very long time

During the Summer, what do you spend most of the time doing?

Hanging out with friends, partying
Went on hikes, bike rides, experienced some new paths
Played sports, found out some cool new facts
Studied, worked hard
Have tried a lot of new and exciting things
Hung out with friends, stay away from drama, made new friends, found some spirituality

What would you do on a Friday night?

Go to the movies with friends
Relax at home
Go bowling
Babysit your siblings/ neighbors kids
I like to do multiple things, maybe explore a new city or go to a new resteraunt.

You are...

a good observer and young at heart
passionate and lively
a risk taker and fun loving
takes a loss hard and wants to live life to it's fullest
Has a flexible attitude and strong
Funny and stubborn