Can you survive doing things that i do?

Can you survive doing things that i do?

So we will se can you survive doing things like me.This is like a test:could you be my friend.That i am going to publish after this test.This test proves how would you do being me.BTW im in the picture.Another BTW pick just those answer that you would chose in my life.

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Do uou like my little pony:friendship is magic.

I dont like it!I LOVE it!!!
I hate it!This show is for little kids ONLY!

Would you like to take a bite of lasagnia?

NO!!Im alergic to lasagnia.
I Bite?I bite!?I would like my plate full please.

Cmon watch Cartoon Network.

Sure.I love animation!
No!Im not that kind of loser to watch kids shows.

What do you tell mom when you want to go to your friends gran-granmother and you now she wouldnt let you?

Hi mom!Could i go to my friends gran-granmother?Truth.
Hi mom!I know you would let me so im going to the school cafe with my friend.Lie

Do you like school?

No!I hate school!Its boring in there!School takes preciuos time if youre life!I would kill that person who created school!
Yes!School gives you great knowledge that you can use in your sucsesfull life.
I hate it and i like it.Middle.

Did you liked the my picture that i put in the begining?

Yes!It was beautiful!
No!You look terrible?

I hope you enjoyd it!

I didnt!
It was amazingly amazing!

I guess i have to go now.Bye.:-(.

No dont leave!Pleaseee.
The best moment of my life baby!

Leave a comment becouse i want to see what you got.

No way!
I will,new BFF