how good of a soilder are you

how good of a soilder are you

Are you man enough to become get promoted and stay a proud US army solider? CAN U TAKE THE PRESSURE!?

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You have been left behinde in a enemy controlled city.

suck it up get moving and kill whoever u see u might run into some friendlies
cry and hide ur friends might come back
make ur way back to base hide from anything and anyone.

a black hawck has been shot down and recon says there are survivors and ur close

go back to base find some guys then go out. the poilts will just bhve to hold out
get moving u have to save them and destroy the gunship
u didnt hear the report go back to base

u know that a certain mission has false intelligence but ur far from the base

mabey the evidence is real and army guys are strong
tell some other soilder via radio and keep moving
get back to base ull just have to hope u make it on time

ur in training and the enemy attacks. U haven't been captured and u find a weapon loaded with blanks there aren't that many of them

get out there and fake try to help the others get free
fire only a couple of rounds but be well hidden
hide and fire rounds at them keep them busy so the others can get away

justin bieber is playing on a recording machine

use it for target practice
tell them to shut it off
start dancing

you have a captured rpg and some enemies are coming in on jeeps but ur friend is about to be crushed by a building

save him and get outa there before they come
yell to him and fire the rpg hell have to save himelf
wiat for the enemy shot and run to help ur friensd

u have prisoners from what was left of an ambush that killed ur sargent and wounded u. u are all alone

kill them all and say they tried to run
let them live but torture them to near death
hand them over to some one els and just leave

ur base is being attacked but ur not clothed

run out there and fight who needs body amor
get some body armor fun and some shoes grab a gun and get out there
get fully dresses and get in an amored veichle

u have found a bomb but u have no experience with it

run with bomb as far as u can get and hope it dosent blow up
throw it outside and hope no one is injured
move it to a safe area andget the heck away from there

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