who are you from the familiars? p.s its a book!

who are you from the familiars? p.s its a book!

who are you in the familiars? are you the fruit fly loving tree frog gilbert? how about the know it all blue jay skylar? or maybe the street smart ally cat aldwyn? or the evil gray haired paksahara? these are all familiars!

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yay! :)
i like fish!

which power is the coolest

Divination – the power to see visions of past, present, and future in pools of water.
Illusions – creating the appearance of objects that aren’t really there.
telekinetic which means you can move items with his mind.

out of these quotes which is the best?

What, these? Oh, they’re not fleas, they’re freckles.”
Tricks? Tricks are for circus monkeys.
“Hi, I’m Gilbert. But you can call me Gil. Or Bert. Do I have any flies in my teeth?”

what do you like?

writing poetry
sleeping under the stars,

whats your fav color?


what do you dislike the most

, sour milk
Fleas, getting rained on,
boat rides

who would you like to get?

or gilbert?