What season is meant for you?

What season is meant for you?

This quiz tells you which season you most enjoy, or witch season is meant for you.

published on April 27, 201342 responses 10 4.7★ / 5

Would you rather...

Be stuck in the middle of the ocean
Be stuck in a show storm
Be lost in a field of flowers
Be lost in a giant leaf pile you made

What is your dream home?

A show castle
A beaver dam
A forest
A flower castle

What animal most relates to you?

Poler bear

What is you favourite activity?

playing with snow
jumping in leaves
splashing in puddles
going to the park

What is you favourite sport?


If you could only have one item out of these 4, what would it be?

An umbrella
Hot coco
A pool
A tree with lots of leaves