Warrior Cats- What Phropecy Cat are you?

Warrior Cats- What Phropecy Cat are you?

Bold like Squirrelflight,bossy like Brambleclaw,sour like Crowfeather, gentle like Feathertail, sly as Tawnypelt or strong like Stormfur? Find out!

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Wich cat would you take on as mate?

Crowfeather. Everyone thinks he is mean but he is just trying to be loyal. When you get to know him he's kind!
I am not quite sure yet. But Rowanclaw is so brave I think it would be him!
Squirrelflight! She is just charming and such a good warrior and she's beautiful! :)
Feathertail! She's so sweet and gentle and she's so beautiful and graceful!
Brambleclaw, that charming yet stupid furball. But he is loyal and fun to hang out with!
Brook, she is nice and skilled and beautiful and I know she loves me!

You see a kit in danger. What do you do?

Stupid squealing kit. Got itself into trouble. I guess I help it.
Check if I can help it alone. If not I fetch a Clanmate quickly, if there's no time I cautiously try to help it.
Check if I'ts safe enough for me to help it and rescue the kit.
Duh! Mouse-brained kit. Dun. But I must follow the Warrior Code and save it.
I try it help it quickly but make sure I don't get killed.
Oh no! Poor little kit! I must help it! Gently I try to save it not getting hurt

Where does your loyalty belong?

No other than ThunderClan mates!
I would never be loyal to anything but ThunderClan, the Clan I love most.
I would do anything for my RiverClan friends. I have ThunderClan blood tough.
WindClan... I guess....but there are two she-cats....I am loyal but still have relationships with other Clan cats! But I'm loyal!
I guess I'm kind of split up. It depends on who needs me most. I guess I just wanna be where I feel belonged to.
No other than ShadowClan there!

What position would you want to be?

I'm fine with warrior, knowing I am protecting my friends!
I wish I could both be warrior and medicine cat to doublly take care of my Clan!
I am deputy and may be leader one day. But I'd die for my Clan before this happens if I have to.
As long as the Clan think's I'm loyal anything exept boring elder or medicine cat!
Leader would be too hard... DEPUTY! I wanna be in charge!
I am thinking about queen. Raising future warriors would be fun!

What is your pelt colour?

Silver tabby with blue eyes!
Very dark grey with amber eyes.
Very very dark, nearly black with dark blue eyes.
Wild green eyes and a dark ginger pelt mate!
Dark brown tabby with amber eyes like my father.
Pretty tortoiseshell with leaf green eyes!

What would you do when a hurt Clanmate would be in a fight with two ShadowClan cats but your leader would be in danger?

I gotta think quick. My leader isn't bad and he is fighting out well so far. I help my Clanmate first then come to the leader.
Leader first! It is my duty to protect him. I must put him first. Then other Clanmates!
Gotta save my leader first. I must be loyal. VERY loyal. Not forgetting the Clanmate!
Oh my! I save my Clanmate who is worse, lead him to the medicine cat and then help my leader!
I AM in ShadowClan. I see the warrior is weak so I help my friend with the leader.
What hurt Clanmate? I am already busy enough taking on 3 warriors at once!

A badger made it's set near your camp. The warriors are weak after battle and the badger has 3 quite strong cubs. Then you are asked to lead a patrol to fight the badger.

I take out my strongest warrior and the medicine cat with a herb bundle and take on one badger at a time. I also make sure I leave a patrol at the camp.
Take out the fiercest warriors and the ones that aren't very hurt into a HUGE party and show the badgers this is our territory!
I take out the healthiest and swiftest warrior to chase out the cubs. When they go, the mother will go!
I take out the biggest and strongest warriors to show that mangy animal who is the boss here!
I take out the medicine cat and a big party of the most uninjured warriors to take on the mother. Then the cubs!
I take out the healthiest warriors and try to take on one badger at a time.

Who would you rather have as apprentice?

I don't wanna be busy with a little kit to train!
Berrypaw. I admire his courage!
Interesting... any eager cat!
An apprentice who would be very loyal!
A nice she-cat who would be helpful and eager!
A cat who would obey me!

You're in battle and the nursery is in danger. But your mate is taking on 2 cats at once! Who do you help?

I take on one pf my mate's cats, defeat him quickly and run to protect the nursery!
I protect the poor helpless kits first. My mate can cope, he's fierce!
I must help the kitties first! When I'm sure they are safe I help my mate with all might!
I help my mate first! The squealing beasts can wait!
I am ALREADY fighting 3 cats. Someone must save ME first!
Quickly make sure my mate's all right, help her quickly and run to fight in the nursery!


I claw at it's muzzle first. Then I bite it's neck!
Kill it! Hazard! Claw and bite!
Hurl myself at it! Then claw and claw and claw!!!
Check if my friends are all right, then take on the fox.
I protect the kits and elders while the warriors fight. I occasionally help a Clanmate when they need me!
I fight alongside my mate.

You smell rival Clan cats hunting on your territory.

I must tell Blackstar and he'll make sure this doesn't happen again!
I look how many there are. If little, I challenge them. If a big party I lead an attack patrol!
How dare they! I challenge them!
I quickly swim to the camp, get a patrol and lead them to the place where I smelt them. Then attack!
I gather up a patrol and make sure they are punished, then report it to my leader and warn at a Gathering.
I challegnge them. If there's too many I start taunting them a patrol is on it's way here.

Your leader is sick and the medicine cat asks for catnip. Where do you go to get it?

I look around the territory. There's very little catnip around here. Then I try the HorsePlace.
I go to the abandoned Twoleg shack and do my job quickly.
Duh. Another stupid task. I go to the last place where I saw catnip.
I go into TwoLeg place and ask a nice kittypet where the catnip is.
Where I live there's no catnip and cats use other herbs.
I quickly look around the territory and finally ask another Clan for some.