How assertive are you?

How assertive are you?

This is a quiz to see how passive, aggressive or assertive you are. This basically means how you react in a certain situation.

published on April 05, 201351 responses 11
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Somebody bumps into you in the super market, they carry on and do not apologize. Do you:

Turn around and start a verbal/physical fight.
You blank the person and forget it ever happened (i
can't be bothered fighting).
You confront the person in a polite manor and ask
them to apologize with no hassle.

This situation is turned around, you bump into somebody. Do you:

I did it on purpose, what d'you wanna make of it!
You carry on, not to be nasty but i'm too shy (i can't be
bothered to talk to people).
You confront the person apologetically and say sorry
and carry on no problem.

A girl confronts you, trying to be sociable as she see's you on your own. Do you:

I start a slanging match, offended by her gesture.
I shy away, not wanting to talk to her.
I greet her and say thank you, and start a
conversation on a friendly level.

A boy comes up to you, the same age as you. He's asking for trouble, do you:

Start a fight and play him at his own game.
Carry on walking.
Turn round and end it with 'i'm not looking for trouble.

A man walks past with a dog on a lead, the dog harshly barks at you, do you:

Shout at the owner, 'that dog nearly bit me, what ya gonna do about it?
Like your always going to do, just walk past.
Just smile at the owner and say, 'it's fine'.

A lost woman stops the car and asks for directions, do you:

Walk past don't even look at her, mutter 'can't be bothered with lost people today'.
Say 'sorry i'm awfully busy', and ignore her.
Sure i'll tell her the directions if i know the way.

And finally, will you r*te and c**ment?
(stars are there because it isn't letting me have this question).

Will i 'eck?! Can't be bothered with that rubbish!
Erm, ok.
Sure I will/won't!