zane and nicks quiz

zane and nicks quiz

its better than yours, our quiz is soo awesome its insane!!!!! take this quiz to find out what kind of person you are :))

published on April 12, 20117 responses 1 3.0★ / 5

do you like what you see when you look in the mirror

its none of your business

do you think you are a good person

this quiz is dumb

do you think others like you/do you have many friends

i dont like people
yes im the best person ever
no everyone hates me

do you hate people before you get to know them?

yes i hate everyone
no i love everyone
people hate me

what is your favorite colour.

i hate colour's!
all the colors of the rainbow

will you ever get married

no, i dont like other people
yes , i love people
no one loves me, i will never get married

do you care about your friends/family

no i hate them all GEEZE
yes my friends and family mean everything to me
they all hate me

did you enjoy this quiz

no this quiz was dummer than a rock
yes, i had sooo much fun :D
i guess it was ok