Which one of my friends would you be

Which one of my friends would you be

This quiz is about which one of my friends would you be like. (You can also be me!)

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What color is your favorite


What do you think about Anime?

Love it!
I know it, but not really into it...

How would people describe you

Crazy! Active! Smart! and Creative!
I'm Shy, Cute, popular and Fun!
I'm hyper, random, at times shy, and very creative!
I'm Cute, shy, crazy, smart, and really creative!

Who do you look up to

Your friends
Hinamori Amu (anime character)
Your mom
Your older sister

Whats your favorite song/song writer

I like 1D! and other cute boy bands!
Anime songs
Old songs
I don't really listen to music much

What name is your favorite?

Sophia :)
Erin :)
Liana :)
Adelaide :)