What's your BMC Style?

What's your BMC Style?

Use this quiz to find your BMC Boating Style! Sunkissed Sea-Adventurer, Dockside Lounge Lizard or Sociable Seahorse.

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What is your favorite color?


What is most important when deciding where to keep your boat?

The security and newness of the marina
The amenities on-site
The neighborhood or "energy" of the marina

When docking at a marina, what amenity is more important to you?

Great restaurants and/or bars to explore
Family-friendly activities or a fun group of fellow boaters
Great pools or restaurants on site to relax at

Which female celebrity would you want on your next cruise?

Kim Kardashian
Jennifer Aniston
Angelina Jolie

What's most important at the pool?

Who wants to lay around at the pool, I'm going out on the town!
Great food and beverage service poolside
A fun-filled environment and large pool

What is your favorite meal?

Something home-cooked or from the grill
At one of my favorite restaurants
A trendy new restaurant

What male celebrity would you want on your next cruise?

Johnny Depp
Brad Pitt
Jerry Seinfeld