Which Little Mix member are you??

Which Little Mix member are you??

Do you love little mix and do you want to know which member of the group you are most like? Well take this quiz to find out!! Good Luck

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What is your favourite movie out of these?

The Notebook
Disney movies, PS I love you and seven pounds
Titanic, Jason's Lyric, and anything scary!

Which of these do you prefer?

Boom boxes (sterios)

Your style insperation is...

Labrinth, Marcus Collins and/or Paloma Faith
Gwen Stefani
Kelly Kapowski
Rihanna, Lisa Turtle and/or Fresh Prince

Which one of these would you like to be called?

Fresh Princess
Pickle or poopey

Who's your favourite out of these???

Miss Elliot
Rihanna and/or Justin Beiber
Anyone Motown and/or Amy Winehouse
Steve Perry

Which one of these sounds most like you?

addicted to biscuits
addicted to nachos
can't swallow anything larger than a grain of rice
a phobia of sandwiches