what reptile are you

what reptile are you

reptiles scaly , scary(not always i have a pet bearded dragon and snake) this will be very very fun enjoy

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whats your fav colour


whom is your favourite movie star

toylor laytner
miley cyrus
selena gomez
zack efrone
justin beiber

you are having a sleepover and your friend does not have a bed you...

sleep on the floor and let them sleep on the bed
share the bed with them
tell them to sleep on the floor

your in a race and someone falls done you..

imedetly help them up
run a few feet then decide you want to help him
you think about it and then go help
help them after a few seconds
finish the race who cares about him/her

you are supporting your team and it is losing you...

give im a nice cheer
scream and shout "YOU CAN DO IT"
get a little mad
wave a little sign you made
shout nasty things at the other team