The Ultimate My little PONy quiz!

The Ultimate My little PONy quiz!

Made by me, ballet5090 :D. It's a more improved my little pony quiz! And the results are now fully accurate!

published on April 01, 201395 responses 25 4.7★ / 5

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A farmer
AN athlete
A fashion desighner
A vet
A commedian
Princess Celestia's student

What do you really like?

Sparkles and gems
Sweet apple acres

What pet suits you?

An owl
A baby crocidile
A hawk
A prettey kitten
A cute little bunny
A dog

Choose one, that best suits you!

A star ( represents magic)
A lightning bolt ( represents speed )
Balloons ( represents parties )
Diamonds ( reprents beauty )
Apples ( reprents farm born )
Butterflies ( reprensents animal careness )

Which one is like you?

I worry, and get anxious a lot
I can be weird sometimes
I brag a lot
I'm sometimes stubborn
I fuss over about a lot of things
I have a lot of fears I need to get over!

Where would you like to live?

On a cloud
In a library
In a boutique
In a sweet shop
In a quiet cottage
In a barn house

Where would you like to go with your freinds on your birthday!

Anywhere, as long as it's with my friends!
At a theme park
Anywhere is fine, as long as animals are invited
Canterlot, or any BEAUTIFUL PALACE!
At sweet apple acres
At my home for a SLEEPOVER party!

Who is your favourite pony?

Pinky Pie
Twilight Sparkle