Which of the hoenn pokemon are you

Which of the hoenn pokemon are you

Are you a torchic or a mudkip or maybe a treecko I don't know take this take his test to find out.

published on March 31, 201326 responses 6
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Which of these appeal to you

Rugged path

You see a village being attacked what do you do

Get scared and #1 my pants their coming holy beeep get out of here
Think of a way to get them all in the same then cablamo done
Run past and throw nuts

Your rival is comeing what do you do

Run past (yells bye sucka) at him
Beet him up
0_0 stare

A tree falls....

That's a question
Run past
I think I did it

A dragon approaches you what do you use

Water gun in the mouth
Flamethrower to the face
Razerleaf to the back