what type of student are you?

what type of student are you?

find out what type of student you are and what your teaxher most likely thinks

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a teacher sends you out of the classroom do you...

make a silly comment as you leave, and when outside make faces through the window
punch the teacher and trow chairs around
it wasnt me! let them know
walk out still laughing about what your friend just said
i wouldnt dare!

your teacher rang home, why?

you are quiet, is everything ok at home
they are fed up of your silly behaviour
they want you to be studying for higher graded work
i dont know why
because you havent been in or you have been kicked out

you get given homework what do you do?

do the homework when you get home and watch tv after
draw pictures instead of write answers
rip it up or set it in fire
do it with friends
do the homework and hand it in early

you get told to go see the head teacher, why?

probably getting expelled
probably for a detention i didnt attend
i have no idea?
they wouldnt they probably dont know me
to congratulate me on my latest 100% test

your teacher asks you a question do you

answer it with 100% acuracy
tell them to get stuffed and ask someone else
answer with something innapropriate
answer the question
ask a friend wat the answer is

why do you like best about school?

Talking with friends and making everyone laugh
I don't
Friends and some of my preffered lessons
i just go

what grades do you get?

A's and A*
C's and B's
C's and D's
e's and d
u and f

you come in late what don you do?

come in sit and chat
knock and wait, apoligise and explain why
dont go at all
come in, apolagise and get my stuff out
burst in the room and shoul 'im here'

how often are you late?

only late to lessons that are not fun
i rarely go
never really
im not usually

you get given a detention what do you do?

not turn up, go smoke weed instead
go and cause as much trouble as possible untill they beg you to leave
go and sit quietly untill you can go
go and text your mates
i wouldnt get a detention!