What johto region pokemon are you

What johto region pokemon are you

Umm dude take to find out I don't know (whistling) oh man it's my forth test comeon

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You see a large creek that you need to pass what do you do

#2 and #1 my pants but that is beside the point
Take a jump
Look for a easeir way around

You get stuck in a battle at a farm what do you do

Look around to see if there is aha poo yuk but ok

You see a strange woman aproach

Just stare till she leaves
Um run away stranger danger stranger danger
Flame her up

You see you crush what do you do

Look from afair
Think of a clever way to get her to look
Walk up and impress her

Your favorite game has come to you again what do you do

Check for scraches
Shove it in (the rest has been censord)
Look at it then shove it in and beep the heck out of