Werewolf or Vampire? Or BOTH!?!?

Werewolf or Vampire? Or BOTH!?!?

What are you? A werewolf or vampire? Find out now!!!! Or if your lucky you may be A werepyre!!!!

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What is your favorite color?

RAINBOW!!!! :D :D :D

What is your favorite season?

Fall, also know as hunting season, GRRR
Winter, There isn't much sun.
Spring!! I love when the animals are new, it's easy to catch them.

If someone was trying to kill you, what would you do?

Charm them with my eyes, then suck out their blood and throw them off a cliff. *Me: 0__0
Stalk up behind them, growl, they turn around with shock, their missing in the papers. >:D
Charm them, then eat them. *Me: Ewww X0

What is your weakness???

Garlic, it is soo stinky. And it burns.
Silver, It burns when i touch it. And it's sooo last 200 years ago.
I don't have a weakness. I'm invincible. Except when they kill me in human form

Where would you live?

A mansion with chandeliers. And antiques! Deep in the woods
A cave in the woods, where i wont hurt anyone on full moon. Or suck their blood.
Where i belong so no one can see me. So i cant kill them, maybe in a pack of wolves.

Which do you want?


Do you like to kill people

Killing is my job... *Me: hides behind closet
No. But I have to. Sigh... *Me: Aww, poor doggywoggy
No!!!! *sob* I'm cursed!!!! But I have to to live!!!