You think you are in love?

You think you are in love?

(Girls quiz) You have this kind of hunch in your bellie, right? Not sure what it means? And you think you might as well be in love? A fact: If you have a crush fr about 5 months, it's called true love!

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He is in every class you go to. You always look behind you to see if he is there and he is staring, what is your action?

Oh my Gosh! He is staring at me?! I think he
likes me!
Yeah so? The other guy over there is looking
at me, O.o
Eww, sicko, does he realize this is reality?!

He asks out to the prom. What do you do?

One word and action : faint! :P
I am going out with my crush, you wanna hang out with us two?
Nope, he is some ugly raccoon

You guys get in a fight about win band you like, what do you do?

I will like his band! He knows what is best!
I don't care, why would we even fight? Skip
I never talk to him, he blends into the crowd.
Tell him I will crush his head because m band rocks better than him!!

You have no where to sit, but wait, there is a seat next to him, but your unsure, What do you do?

Just sit there and don't talk about nothing.
Second plan: sit on the floor!
Ask If he is ok with me sitting with him there!
I just sit there, he is cute! His friend won't mind if I take his spot for know.

You see him with another girl. What do you do? Your reaction?

I will tell him he is mine! And he is not going anywhere!
Respect his decisions. And have ALOT of jealousy inside of me that will never leave. :(
Sheesh, I don't care! I got cool guys to sit with.