What feather accessory suits you best?

What feather accessory suits you best?

What feather accessory are you? find out if you are a pair of earrings, a necklace, or a hair accessory. Either way, you can find your perfect accessory at The Bird's Nest on Trade Show 2013!

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It's summer! What outfit do you wear?

I don't usually go outside, if I do, I make sure to go with my family or friends, and wear whatever I see!
Summer calls for a pair of shorty - shorts, a tank top, and whatever I saw on the fashion magazine this morning!
I like to put my hair up, or at least not make it hang in my face. I grab my soccer uniform, or a pair of yoga pants! Whatever is good for bouncing around!

You a really good book! When it's done, what do you do?

Run and post it online, and wait for more of the book fans to comment!
Go and run to your friend's house, and recommend the book to them!
Write it down somewhere, maybe you can re - read it someday!

You won an award! Congratulations! What would the first thing you'd when you get on stage?

Jump around and thank everyone, while flashing a
smile at your best friend
Get on the stage, grab the microphone, and say your
speech on how grateful you are! Then call your best
friend for ice cream in the afternoon!
Walk slowly, and brush your hair out of your face. Accept the award with a small thank you, and give a hug to your best friend as soon as you get off of the stage.

You are waiting in line at the checkout of your favourite store, when someone unexpectedly goes in front of you, what do you do?

Let them pass... you bet the person has a good reason
Ask the person what are they doing, but if they don't, you go and tell the cashier to help you out.
Boldly tell them that there is a line, and you kindly direct them to the end of the line, like everyone else!

At the school dance, your favourite song comes on! It's your absolute favourite song, what do you do?

Ha Ha! what favourite song? you only listen to songs made by my favourite artists, and that is NOT played in the school dance!
Dance and sing on the top your lungs, surrounded by your friends! A dance is made for fun right?
Jump around the dance, form a conga line, twirl around and fall down! It's FUN!