What kind of dessert are you?

What kind of dessert are you?

have you ever wondered what kind of dessert you are? if you were a dessert what kind do you think you would be? Maybe a sweet treat or just plain cold like ice cream. You can take this quiz to find out what dessert you are!

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A new girl comes to school and she is getting all of the attention you:

let her get all the attention and deal with it no
matter how much you hate it
you run over introduce yourself and tell her that
she is beautiful no matter how bad she looks
you go tell her the juicy gossip about the school or the myths
you run over to her all energetically and you talk to her super fast so she thinks your crazy
you go to her and say maybe we can hang out some time and you give her your number

at school a boy is being really mean to you and your friend you:

stand up for your friend but let him keep bullying you
stand up for both of you
kill him (literally)
tell him you really don`t like what he is doing to you and your friend
you tell him some gossip and become friends

you know your friend Jamie kissed your best friend Kiana`s boyfriend and your Kiana asks if your friend is hooking up with her boyfriend you:

tell her the truth even if it will reck your friendship with Jamie
you tell her no
you tell her the truth but tell Jamie it was a tough situation and you hate lying
you tell everyone any way so you just tell her the truth

your best friends parents get divorced and she is emotionally unstable you:

comfort her and give her tips
tell everyone and ignore her
you stop being her friend just because she is sad
you comfort her and give her a place to stay

your brother is going to soon be in middle school where you have been for the last two years you:

give him tips
ignore him and tell him to act like he doesn't know you
get really excited and welcome him to the new school

your friends are pressuring you to kiss your boyfriend but you arent ready you:

tell them to please stop and you will when your ready
tell them to shut up
tell everyone that they are awful friends