What Type Of Dessert Are You?

What Type Of Dessert Are You?

Are you crazy like a hot tamale? Or, are u sweet and timid like smarties? Take this quiz to find out!

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There is a new kid who looks kinda shy in your class. You-

Frown at her but send a note telling her your number.
Smile and tell the teacher you will help her get to
where she needs to go.
Tell her your name and say you would love to have her join the basketball team.
Jump around her and say I'm crazy I'm crazy I'm crazy until she gets annoyed

One girl has been mean to you lately. One day, you go up to her and-

Punch her in the face, but when you get home, feel bad about it and apologize the next day
Go up to her and say I'm happy and crazy and you can never undo that from me.
Please stop being unkind to me, I very much dislike it.
You know, I think you would be good at soccer. Why don't you come try it out with me. I'm new at it too.

You are the only one in the class who got an A. You-

Gloat to the whole class about it.
Say At least you didn't get a 0.
say Hey hey hey maybe you will do better next time!
Oh well! If I was I'm English class, I would have gotten an F.

You just had an awesome day. When you get home, you're mom said to take out the trash. You-

You say sure mom! I would love too!
You say no! I had an awesome day, and I don't want to ruin it!
Sure! Sure! Sure! Guess what! Guess what!?
Sure! Mom, where you ever good at any sports?

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