what Dog Breed Are U?

what Dog Breed Are U?

have you ever wondered what dog you would be if u were one ? well here is the quiz to figure that out for you

published on March 28, 201375 responses 32 4.2★ / 5

How active is your lifestyle??

Im not big on excersize
Im very active
I get an average amount of excersize each day
Not much but if I could I definitely would

What did you think of my quiz??

short and simple
ehh.. O.K
long and boring
I'd try it again!!!!

How would you describe yourself Physically??

Im skinny
Im curvy but healthy
Im petite
Im In good fit ,pretty average I guess

Which of the following describes your personality??

I am pretty shy
I just try to enjoy life as it is
I am always there to support and comfort my friends
I get along with most people

How Much time and effort do you put into your appearance??

I try to look good - but not to much time and effort
the bathroom is my best friend
I shower- does that count
I spend very little time on my appearance