whats your theme song?

whats your theme song?

This quiz only contains song I know, and please don't be rude. This is only my third quiz okay? So be nice!

published on March 27, 2013100 responses 16 4.5★ / 5

How are you today?

Kinda bored and alone
You come near me and I'll kick ur ass! (Me: *hides* don't hurt me)

Whats your favourite color? (You: *throws pen*) (me: hey! Watch it! You could've taken my eye out!!)

Sad colors..
any color is fine with me

Do you like anime?

I like sad anime shows
If there is a character that can relate with me then yeah
violent anime!
If there is some violence and alot of snobby characters

last question!

But it felt like you were my friend, please don't go
No please don't go
see ya!
good bye, good ridence

Let fate decide