What are you inside

What are you inside

This gives you the chance to see and understand what others see in your personality

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You see an old man has dropped his groceries. You know that his bus is coming down the road, what do you do.

Think of a quick way to resolve his problem and tell him
Help him so he can catch his bus
Walk away
"I don't know" snort "gosh you can't expect me to know everything!"
Help him, and become great friends

You see a poster for an outdoor race that you can participate in.

Don't go, there's a big test the next day, and you want to have time to study
Think, "Hah, yah right, I hope someone falls, and get's hurt!!"
You go, even if you know, you'r not too good at races, just to have fun
You're not great at running, so you bring extra water to people who need it, and watch
You love races, but you think "Who cares, it'll probably just rain anyway"

What's your favorite animal

Moles, they like dark places
Lions...who eat people!!!!
Any animal in need of help
Monkeys, or chimps, for their high intelect

What's one of your hobbies

Bird watching
Ripping the wings off butterflies
Meeting new people!
Community Service
Waiting for the world to end

A young boy fell over and scraped his knee during recess, what do you do?

Get the nurse.
Ask if he's alright, then get someone to get a teacher
Help him up, then push him over again
Get him help, then become his older kid buddy
Who cares? He's gonna die eventually