Can you keep a secret?

Can you keep a secret?

In short: Find out if you're trusty enough for your friends to tell you the DEEPEST of STUFFS. I'm trying to make this difficult.

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Do you THINK you can be trusted?

I think so
Yes, I hear stuff all the time from people.
I don't know
I'm not telling you

Are you a relatively loud or quite person?

I talk all the time
I never talk
I'm quite when I want to be
I never shut up
Is this a trick question?
I'm quite, ask my friends.
I'm very loud
I'm not telling

How many secrets do you know?

Less the 10
More then 10
I'm not telling you

Do you have any secrets?

Of course
A few
Everyone has secrets, even you.
That's a secret.

Do you want to hear a secret?

I don't care
Not from you
That's a secret

What do you do when someone tells you a secret?

Tell everyone
Tell no one
No one tells me secrets
Avoid anyone I might accidentally tell
Only tell one person
I won't tell you what I do

Do you think you passed and can hear secrets?

I doubt it
I'm not telling you