Which Twilight Vampire are you???

Which Twilight Vampire are you???

Find out which twilight (Girl)Vampire you are.*Girls only* Alice,Bella, Esme or Rosalie, who will you get???

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Are you clumsy???

Yes,I used to fall over 24/7, before.
No, I'm not clumsy at all
Psh, me clumsy???
Are you serious???

If you find someone your very close to is in danger you???

Panic and do everything you can do to ensure their safety.
Tell everyone to stay back and get the one person you think can to help.
Get worried and scared even though you know they'll be safe
Protect them, you can do it.

What do you do if you find a boy staring at you???

Look away and feel embarrassed
Smile at him
Grin at them
Stare fiercly at them until they look away.

You wish your hair was???

Long and Brown
Shoulder length and brown
Short,black and spiky
Long,blonde and beautiful

You love???

Wuthering Hight's (Book)
Caring for people