you are a fictional character. what character archetype are you?

you are a fictional character. what character archetype are you?

Side Note: You may get a result for a female OR male archetype. Created for use in Gender Roles in YA Fiction.

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How would you describe your personality.

A modern "damsel in distress"
People only wish they were as flawless as you.
An independent, free spirit who "don't need no" societal standards
Stoic and cold, but polite nonetheless
Romantic and clever

You see a cute guy/girl across the street, you

walk over and introduce yourself with a witty pickup line.
decide he/she looks depressed and go to cheer him/her up.
don't really care. Interacting with humankind is not enjoyable.
take a few steps forward, but you trip over some scattered litter.
don't have to do anything. He/She will come to you because you're just that perfect.

Your house catches on fire, you

decide that the fire needs to calm down and move on with life.
swiftly jump out the window and land without a hair out of place.
sit on the floor and yell for help. You're useless on your own.
make sure that your family is out and safe before you make your own escape.
suddenly realize that every person, after reaching the age of 16, has the ability to spray water from the palms of his/her hands. Your life changes forever.

Your biggest flaw is that

you're clumsy, and yet people still fall for you (pun intended).
you are overly optimistic and a "little" quirky.
your smile blinds small children, the elderly, teenagers, and the like.
the brilliant things you say cause people to have unrealistic expectations of daily conversation.
you don't like talking about your emotions because of a past traumatic event.

Pick an answer.
(The quiz creator forced me to make another question, but it was unnecessary)

How can you not choose me? I'm perfect, remember?
Wait, what's the question?
Don't choose me.
Choose me 'cause I have a great family history.
Choose me! Your life will instantly get brighter!