Not Your Average Hogwarts Life (Part 6)

Not Your Average Hogwarts Life (Part 6)

Part Six is Here! Warning: This Part Contains Blood/Bleeding and Nothing Average!

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What was a Quote Your Character Said from Part Five?

Excuse Me Sir! Could You please take me to London?
Mom, There's someone Out there that's Trying to get
me Expelled! I've got to find him or Her.
I must be the Luckiest Person Alive! I've got Great
Parents who are Proud of Me and---
Haley! No! Don't do this! Your My best Friend!
I never Did any of that! I never called anyone Rude
Names, I never hurt Anyone, and I never Used an
Unforgivable Curse!
Not Really.
Mum! Dad!
It's ok Ally. Briana will be All Right. We just have to
hope that Briana is still Alive.
Bellatrix Tortured me with the Cruciatus curse.
You'll Never get Sunshine!

Who did Your Character see in Part Five?

A man and Some Unknown Dude.
Her Mother and Some Dude.
A fifth Year Slytherin.
Haley (In a Nightmare), and Madam Pomfrey.
Snape and Dumbledore.
Some Woman, Harry, Fluer, Cedric and Viktor.
Her Parents (In a Nightmare/Dream.) and Draco
Ally and A Slytherin.
Someone who Imperiused Hailey, and Hailey.
Mr. Willows and Victoria
A Man.

Who did You get again?

Quinn Thomas
T a y l o r W i l l o w s!
V a l o r i e J a c k s o n!
Elizabeth Willows
Morgan Goodwill
A d d y N e w m a n!
B r i a n a S k a t e r!
Camille Victorious
Daphne Opals
E l e a n o r R o b i n!
F a i t h W e s t!

What was your Character's First Name?


Enjoy part 6!