who's your soul eater boyfriend?

who's your soul eater boyfriend?

This quiz includes stein, black star, DTK, and soul.... those are some pretty hot guys don't ya think?

published on March 25, 2013200 responses 45
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I know people hate this question but what's your favourite color? *hides behind stein*

anything as long as its symmetrical (me: that makes
no sense)
I'm too cool for a favourite color

stein: can I disect you? (Me: stein! I love you, but get out of here!!)

Only if I can study you afterward
No! I'm too important!
you'll ruin my symmetry (me: once again, that
makes no sense)
i'll die and that won't Be cool

stein: if i killed your partner, what would you do? (Me: seriously stein! Not cool man!)

I wouldn't have let you touch my partner in the first
I will assasinate you!
i'd study your movements and defeat you
as long as their dead body's are symmetrical I'm
fine with it

stein: lets say you have to clean the library, would you stay and be good? (Me: you're not gonna leave are you?)

Dude I'm too cool for this
I surpass god! I don't have to do this!
why would I have to clean the library? I'm a teacher
i'll make this place symmetrical!

stein: I can't think of anything else

Not, symmetrical
That's cool
how dare you think your more important then me!!