Which Vampire Diaries character is your soul mate?

Which Vampire Diaries character is your soul mate?

Find out who you would be right for you based on personalities from the Vampire Diaries.

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On a Friday Night you would rather...

Read a book
Go out Dancing
Paint/sing/play an instrument
Out to the mall with friends
Go Bungee Jumping
Start a new community project/ do community service
Go to the movies
Study in the Library



Love is...

easy if you find the right person
for eternity
what I want
hopeless and can hit anyone
the strongest emotion you can feel

Which song best describes you?

"Night life" Greenday
"Invisible" Skylar Grey
"Coming Home" Skylar Grey
"Psycho Killer" Talking Heads
"Words" Skylar Grey
"I'm Just a Kid" Simple Plan
"Cry" Rihanna
"Smile" Avril Lavigne
"Chalk Outline" Three Days Grace

Can you protect yourself?

I can't believe you asked me that!!! YES!!
No, I can but if I had a choice between someone who
couldn't and could protect me, I would choose
someone who could protect me.
Yahhhh I'm sure I'll be fine.
In real life, yes, but if there was such thing as
vampire...hell nah!
I can fend for myself. I have all this time....
I don't know....

What would you want for a present?

Tickets to an amusement park
cell phone
art supplies
a car
I don't really like recieving gifts, I like giving them :]

Which describes you?

I have a tendency to go for the mysterious and broken
people to try to fix them. When I love someone I will
love them until I die.
If my partner is sad or looks like something is bothering
them, I ask if they are ok and if they don't want to talk
about it then I leave it at that. I am quite stubborn at
times and tend to be impulsive. I am not afraid to take
I am a little insecure and I do some things I'm not
proud of, but I am me and I am proud of it. I want
true love and have been looking for it for a long time.
I value honesty over anything else and would kill to
protect my family and those I care about.
I love the spotlight and am bubbly, confident and love
my friends and family. I am very involved with
everything, even when I'm not supposed to be. ;]
I am brave, strong, honest and selfless. I would do
anything for my friends and family, even tell little white
lies. If it's not going to hurt, why not? to make my
friends/family feel better, I would do it in a heart beat.
I am a survivor. I put up walls around myself and
usually have little to no friends. Like I say, when you
have nothing, you have nothing to lose. I am strong,
and maybe a little selfish but if I found someone who
breaks down those walls, I would love them forever.
I have a big heart, and sometimes that's not a good
thing. I usually get hurt the most, and yes I am a little
easier to manipulate than most, but that is because I
love my friends so much...but I seem to always get the
short end of the stick.
I haven't found who I am yet. I do love my family and
friends, would stick up and protect them till the end,
but I'm just trying to figure out who I am in this world.

What would you do if your partner doesn't think they are worth anything?

Go and talk to them
They're probably joking, I'll answer in a sarcastic way.
Hug them
Tell them how much they are worth to you and ask
who I have to kill that made you feel this way.
AWWW sit down with them and let them cry on my
I don't know...but I would try to do my best to help
them through whatever they are going through
Be a shoulder to cry on and then ask them if they want
to talk about it over ice-cream
I would do anything to make them feel better..
Tell them how much they mean to you and point out
their good qualities.

What would your ideal date be?

Go out for drinks and dancing
Go out to a very elegant dinner
Picnic under the stars
Casual dinner at a resteraunt
Indoor Skydiving and subs
Movie at my house
Out to the movies
In the library with the pizza studying for school
Out to a sporting event

What book would you rather read?

Call Of The Wild
The Vampire Diaries
Romance novels
101 Jokes
Fifty Shades of Grey
A James Patterson Novel/ Mystery
A book on art
psychological thriller