Hogwarts Future part 1

Hogwarts Future part 1

A Hogwarts Quiz! Have fun! Here is part 1, where will you go and who will you meet?

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A lady offers you sweets like chocolate frogs, what do you do?

Buy a chocolate frog.
Ill buy 2 chocolate frogs! I bet their yummy!
Chocolate and stuff? I wont buy them because I just wanna listen to music.
You say no because you must study!!

Its taking a long time and all you wanna do on the train now is...

Smile all day.
Keep studying everything.
Relax and be patient and cool.
Listen to music and patiently relax.

When someone sits next to you, you...

sit somewhere else
Smile at them and start talking to them.
Say hi.
Ask them what their favourite spell is and ask them about spells and studying.

When you hop onto the train what will your mood be?

Must study so In the train so I don't get anything
Be cool and calm, I mean were just on the train now!
Excited! I'm in the Hogwarts Train! Why wouldn't I be excited?
I'm fine, ill just listen to some music Okay? Thats all Ill do.

Your most known to be...

Loyal,Nice and Kind and Fun
Smart,Kind,Really Intelligent
Normal,Lazy,Kinda Nice,Okay