What Angry Bird are you?

What Angry Bird are you?

In this quiz you can find out which Angry Birds bird you are! Sorry if it isn't really accurate,because I have to make up this information! :P

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You see someone being bullied,do you:

Tell a teacher as soon as possible.
Do nothing because you are scared,and do not want
to get in trouble.
Run up to the bully and shout in their face.
Tell the bully to get lost,making them cry and run away.
You look after the victim,and comfort them.

You were playing football,but accidently broke a window,do you:

Admit that you broke the window to a teacher,after
feeling guilty.
Blame it on someone else,and not get caught..lol
Get you and your friends so somehow fix the
window,so that nobody will notice.
Convince the teacher that you saw someone else do it,
(because you are so good at persuading)but say that
you don't know the name of the person/
You explain to the teacher that it was an accident,and
you offer to help solve the problem.

You hear that your friend has been to a funeral,because they lost one of their grandparents.What do you do?

Protect your friend from people who are teasing
them,and stand up for them when people are mean.
You don't say much because you have not been in this
experience before.
Tell your friend to stay positive and enthusiastic.
Tell other people to be sensitive around your friend.
You really empathize with your friend,telling them that
their relative went to a better place,and that they are
now at peace.

Finally,the school has started auditions for it's latest production,what role do you aim for?

You go for the main role,after all you love the stage.
You go for the small part,because you are young and
you are unable to handle big roles.
You go for the villain,because you are great at playing
baddies-being sneaky and sly.
You go for a fairy-godmother kind of character,as you
feel it is similar to your actual personality.
You go for the role that needs the most acting
skills,because you are confident.

You are playing a game of netball,how do you feel??

Up to mischief
Caring and Helpful
The leader of the pack

What tv programme do you watch?

Spy movie
Disney film
Big brother
You've been framed!
Reality Tv

What music do you listen to?

American pop
James Bond soundtrack
Blues Music

What is your favourite colour?

Bright Red
Unique Yellow
Pure White
Baby Blue
Pitch black

What is your favourite food?

Peas...to throw at people ;D
Meat! (sorry if you are a vegetarian)

What is your favourite animal?

Llama-nice and friendly
Frog-cute and small
Tiger-great leader
Lion-not frightened
Lizard-fast and sneaky