Which of Airfoil's Multiple Personalities are you?

Which of Airfoil's Multiple Personalities are you?

Answer all the questions below to determine which of our 6 mulitple personalities you best relate to!

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On my free time I like to

Watch Documentaries and people watch at a trendy new restaurant
I enjoy doing crafts, painting, drawing and DIY projects
I like to tinker around with gadgets and watch YouTube video tutorials to learn new things
I like telling stories and writing on my blog
I like solving Sudoku puzzles and playing games
I like keeping up on the latest tech trends and downloading new apps

At Social events you can find me…

People watching in the corner, observing behavior and trying to decipher how everyone knows each other
Helping the host artfully arrange the veggie tray into a beautiful centerpiece
Fixing the host’s leaky faucet, without being asked to
Composing magnetic sonnets on the refrigerator
Arranging the host’s books according to the Dewey Decimal System
Showing off your new smartphone, and watching Netflix on your phone

My Ideal vacation would include…

Exploring a new town and connecting through stories with close friends
A spontaneous trip away checking out local artist and shops
A treasure hunt or obstacle course
A dinner theater or an improve comedy club
A quiet trip to the lake to fish and enjoy puzzle books
A visit to a science museum to explore innovations of past and present

My biggest pet peeve is…

Uninteresting people
Comic Sans
Easy crossword puzzles
Dangling participles
People who don’t understand percentages
People who get annoyed with you for watching Netflix on your phone

People generally ask for my help on….

Advice or just someone to listen to them in a time of need
Assist on a creative project or any hands on activity
Implementation of a new project or help on ideas to improve a current system
Solving practical problems or putting thoughts into action like planning an event
Crunching numbers or balancing a budget
Setting up new technology or suggestions on the best tech purchases

My Ideal job would be…

Counselor / Psychologist / Curator
Designer / Artist / Teacher
Software Developer / computer Programmer
Event Coordinator / Chef / Landscape Architect
Accountant / Pilot / Budget Analyst
Entrepreneur / Industrial Engineer / Reporter