Would i date you? (5)

Would i date you? (5)

I have taken probably a million of these quizzes and i decided to make one for myself to see how many people would date me so...yep... ENJOY!!

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What music do you listen to?

What music do you listen to?
One direction
Asking alexandria
Justin beiber
I wrestled a bear once
Hanner Montaner

Do you like to cuddle?

Yesh!!! My favorite pass time!
Nah, i like my personal space
kinda, but not all the time just at special

What are your favorite colors?

What are your favorite colors?

Do you like spongebob?

EWWWW! that show make me want to vomit every
time i see it!
Sometimes, i mean its alright...
I LOVE IT!!!! best show in the world!!!

are you just hunting for another girls to have "relations" with and them run off

Damn straight!
Nah... Well, kinda but i do want a girlfriend too...
NO!!!! i would never do that to a girl! EVER!!!!

Again do you think im pretty?!

YES!! the most beautiful person in the world!!!!
No not really..
A little...

what do you do in your free time?

Chill with my mom (Me:WHAT!? I do that all the
Drugs (me: go get a life! Ain't nobody got time fo
What normal law obiding teenagers do, hang out
with friends, sleep, eat, hug my mom, go to
school, You know, Stuff...

Do you think im pretty from my pictures on my profile?

Do you think im pretty from my pictures on my profile?
No!! Eww your gross (me:go away meany head!!!)
Damn Gurl!!! you are smokin hot!! (me: awww
Ehh your ok...
Yer purdy!!

I hate steroetypes but which one do you cnsider yourself or have been called?


I like food, i not fat but im not like supermodel skinny either, Are you ok with that?

No! you need to lose some weight, like eat a
salad every once in a while!! (me: I do! I ate one
last night!! "Sobs in a corner while stuffing candy
bars in her mouth"
I don't care, I'm man enough that it doesn't
matter if your not a size three..:)
You sound alright as long as your not morbidly