Would i date you? (5)

Would i date you? (5)

I have taken probably a million of these quizzes and i decided to make one for myself to see how many people would date me so...yep... ENJOY!!

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what do you do in your free time?

Chill with my mom (Me:WHAT!? I do that all the
Drugs (me: go get a life! Ain't nobody got time fo
What normal law obiding teenagers do, hang out
with friends, sleep, eat, hug my mom, go to
school, You know, Stuff...

I like food, i not fat but im not like supermodel skinny either, Are you ok with that?

No! you need to lose some weight, like eat a
salad every once in a while!! (me: I do! I ate one
last night!! "Sobs in a corner while stuffing candy
bars in her mouth"
I don't care, I'm man enough that it doesn't
matter if your not a size three..:)
You sound alright as long as your not morbidly

Do you like spongebob?

EWWWW! that show make me want to vomit every
time i see it!
Sometimes, i mean its alright...
I LOVE IT!!!! best show in the world!!!

Again do you think im pretty?!

YES!! the most beautiful person in the world!!!!
No not really..
A little...

are you just hunting for another girls to have "relations" with and them run off

Damn straight!
Nah... Well, kinda but i do want a girlfriend too...
NO!!!! i would never do that to a girl! EVER!!!!

Do you think im pretty from my pictures on my profile?

Do you think im pretty from my pictures on my profile?
No!! Eww your gross (me:go away meany head!!!)
Damn Gurl!!! you are smokin hot!! (me: awww
Ehh your ok...
Yer purdy!!

What music do you listen to?

What music do you listen to?
One direction
Asking alexandria
Justin beiber
I wrestled a bear once
Hanner Montaner

I hate steroetypes but which one do you cnsider yourself or have been called?


Do you like to cuddle?

Yesh!!! My favorite pass time!
Nah, i like my personal space
kinda, but not all the time just at special

What are your favorite colors?

What are your favorite colors?