Not Your Average Hogwarts Life! (Part 5)

Not Your Average Hogwarts Life! (Part 5)

Hi there! Welcome back! I'm Sorry. I skipped Not Your Average Hogwarts Life Day. The Truth is. I was Busy. (Am I ever Not?) Anyhow, This is Not Your Average Hogwarts Life Part 5!

published on March 25, 201386 responses 0 4.6★ / 5

What was your Character's Last Name?

W i l l o w s (Taylor)
J a c k s o n
Willows (Elizabeth)
N e w m a n
S k a t e r
R o b i n
W e s t

What's Your Character's First Name?

T a y l o r
M o r g a n
C a m i l l e
F a i t h

What was a Quote that Your Character Said in Part Four?

I'm going to Hogsmeade Professor.
She Made a Patronus Charm that Defeated all the Dementors!
Wrong. I'm going to Save Gringotts.
Why doesn't anyone Care?
That's It!
Harry. What do you think these Dragons are for?
I didn't say anything in Part Four!
Please Stop!
Ok. So, I'm Having a Hard Time in Potions and I was Wondering...
I'm Fine Mrs. Willows.
I don't! What makes you say that?

Who did You get?

Quinn Thomas!
Taylor Willows!
Valorie Jackson!
Elizabeth Willows!
Morgan Goodwill!
Addy Newman!
Briana Skater!
Camille Victorious!
Daphne Opals!
Eleanor Robin!
Faith West!

Who did you See in part Four?

Professor McGonagall, and Older Witches and Wizards.
Your Mom, and Abigail.
A Fifth Year Slytherin.
Flora, and Madam Pomfrey.
Snape, and Professor Dumbledore.
Hagrid, Harry, Madam Maxime and Dragons.
The Bloody Barron and Nearly Headless Nick.
Hailey and an Unknown Person.
Mr. and Mrs. Willows.