Would you survive a day with Makai and Koishii?

Would you survive a day with Makai and Koishii?

Well... for starters, it's right in the name.... but if you don't get it, in this quiz you'll find out if you would survive spending the day with Makai and Koishii - the incredibly sneaky and hilarious twins...

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Okay so you were a new recruit in the soul society and needed someone to show you around. Originally you were assigned Skye Sumikenchi, but she had to do a lot of work that day, plus finish Rangiku's unfinished paper work so that Toshiro wouldn't get upset. So that forced her to leave you in the care of her twin brothers; Makai and Koishii...

Aww, not them again... they are so childish!
Yay! They are really funny and super cool! I can't wait to spend the day with them!
I don't really care who I go with... Everyone is too stupid for my liking anyway...
*Talking on the phone* I don't care! *Carry on talking on the phone*
Hmmm.... this should be interesting, I've only heard about them, but they should be fun to study...
If they are as mean and hilarious as everyone says they are, I don't think they will be a problem...
Whoever they are, they can't possibly be compared to my beauty!
People say they are really funny, I can't wait to meet them! This should be one fun ride!

Skye takes you to meet them and has to rush off. Makai: Hello stranger, what you doing here?? Koishii: Doesn't look like anyone special, don't pay any attention Makai, just another worthless dump... *Raises his nose to the sky in disgust*

Haha! You guys are really funny, I'm ____, it's great to meet you two!
I could say the same to you, ugly brute!
Awesome insult man, you guys are pretty good at this!
Your sister sent me here to meet you guys so that you can show me around, I'm the new recruit you see.
*Talking on phone* I'm not interest in what your selling, let's just go *Carry on talking on the phone*
Your insult was just as lame as your face, and i don't need your help getting around, I can do this alone...
I don't care as long as I'm spending the day with you guys! You are awesome! Where are we going first???
Immature... can we leave?? I don't really wanna be around you brats any longer than I have to...

You guys start walking and Makai and Koishii stop, you realize that they did and you turn around. You see Koishii talking to a salesman and your gaze moves behind them and you see Makai trying to steal some food. What are you think at that moment?

Their plan is certainly interesting... I would like to see how this plays on...
Haha! That should show that salesman! You go guys!
Idiots, obviously the most absurd creatures I've ever met... who does that anymore? Pitiful!
This should be hilarious! I'm so happy that I ended up with them!
*Talking on phone and has no idea what is going on*
They are so funny, smart and sneaky! Super cool! I hope that the salesman doesn't sense Makai behind him.
That's not right! They shouldn't be doing that! I'm so going to tell on them!
Imbeciles... they have to steal to get what they want?? Pathetic! I'm leaving, I can do this on my own!

They are back with some Sake before you could react. They snicker and grin widely as they walk passed you and head to one of the other stores.

now what are they up too?? Urgh! They are so immature!
Yes! I knew they wouldn't stop their I can't wait to see more action!
Idiots! You know what, I'm just going to slap them myself when they get back here!
Haha! I wonder who's the next victim??
Hmmm... it seems as though they aren't finished... I wonder what their next objectives are...
*Talking on the phone* Can't you see that I'm on the phone! Idiots! *Carry on chatting on the phone*
I would leave now, but I would actually like to see them get caught...
Yay! Go Makai and Koishii! You're really good at pranks and stuff!

Koishii hands over the bottles of Sake to Makai and walks over to the store that says "Poisons and elixirs". You see him flick his hair and charm the saleswoman into giving the bottles for free. You walk over to them as Koishii comes back with a bit of suspicion. Makai: You are now going to witness something... Koishii: Truly magnificent! They say and pour the contents into the Sake equally. They giggle and walk over to a group of soul reapers. What Squad?

Squad 4 - they are an easy bunch to prank.
Squad 2 - because Makai and Koishii are that stupid to try and prank them.
Squad 11 - because they get drunk often.
Squad 6 (including Renji) - because Makai and Koishii want to get back at Renji and make him suffer.
Squad 13 (Including Rukia)- because Makai and Koishii hate Rukia.
Squad 8
*Talking on phone* How am I supposed to know you idiot?! *Carry on talking*
I don't know! I just arrived!

They offer the squad the Sake and they take it; thanking the twins repetitively. Are you feeling any guilt what so ever?

No - it's hilarious! No carry on! Wanna see what happens to them! Maybe they blow up!
No - The more action, the more fun I have and the more I get to laugh at other people!
Not at all! I didn't do anything, why should I feel any guilt for their stupidity?!
No, but I think they should get caught and finally learn a lesson!
Well, yeah a little bit... But if they like doing it, I don't wanna be the one to stop him...
No, I don't care about them, it's their fault for excepting Sake from strangers.
Not possible since I didn't do anything at all except carefully observing and monitoring their strategy
*Talking on phone* Should I? No! I don't think so! *Carry on with previous conversation*

You see them laughing and all of a sudden the guys' hair turn pink and their voices get all squeaky. You start to get a little curious when you find the twins grinning at each other and walking away. They stand by you and notice that you aren't laughing. Makai and Koishii: Wait for it.... They say and you see that the squad members' clothing are on fire. They start screaming and running towards the fountain.

Haha! That should show them!
Hahaha! That's hilarious! their butts are on fire!! Hahaha!
*Talking on phone* couldn't care less *Carry on with what you were doing before*
Urgh! Why can't they see that that was so cruel! Those squad members were so nice.
I don't find that very funny! Stupid idiots think everything's a dumb game...
It's not really that intelligent, but their method was certainly interesting...
I couldn't care less about their immaturity...
That wasn't very nice... But again, if that's what they find fun, then who am I to judge?

They laugh even harder when the squad members find that their was no water in the fountain. You ask them if they were the cause of that and all they do is put on a scary grin.

Oh my word you guys are so mean! But I have to admit that was impressive!!! You guys rock!!
Stupid idiots! Just wait until the Captain finds out... you'll be dead!
Fools! Small things amuse small minds...
You guys are a bunch of stupid idiots, can't you find something your age to do?
*Talking on phone* I'm sorry what? Oh wait, I just remembered that I am not interested *Continue*
You guys are purely strategic, well done... I applaud you...
Haha! That was really smart of you! Oh wait look, now they're bumping into each other! What fun!
Seriously, If I laugh anymore, my guts are gonna spew out!

You see the Captain approaching you and turn and see that the twins are long gone. You start to panic and run after them.

Lucky for them I'm a fast runner, if I got caught I would've laid the truth on the Captain and they'd be punished
They are truly the worst kind of imbeciles, how dare they leave me their to take the blame!
I'm so going to kill them once I find them!
*Talking on phone* I didn't do anything *Continue talking to who ever you were talking too*
Smart, I'll give them that much, but I don't think I can let this one go...
They probably knew that I would see them run away.
They probably assumed that I would follow them.
No guys! Wait for me!!!

The rest of the day was quite similar and when it was over Skye approached you guys and asked how it went.

It was completely horrible! Never do that to me again!
Never put me with such horrible creatures again! It was agonizing!
It was great! I had a really great time! It's a pity the day went so fast!
*Not talking on phone* oh it was really interesting, i really enjoyed it and I learnt a lot! (Liar!!)
It was really interesting how they structure their day, I had fun observing their them and what they do...
It was amazing! I hope we can hang out again some time!
Your brothers are so funny! I couldn't stop laughing! I hope we can do that again!
It was terrible! They did so many rude things and took it as a joke! (Skye: So you had a normal day? You: -_-)