What character are you most like?

What character are you most like?

Take this quiz to see if your personality is most like Jess, Jules, Pinky, Joe, Mr Bhamra, Paula or Tony.

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Do you like sport?

Do you like playing sports?
Is sports the biggest thing in your life?
Do you like playing sports for fun?

Are you a tomboy?

You sometimes wear feminine clothes but also like to
wear sporty clothing.
Do you always wear sports clothing?

Do you have big dreams and goals?

Do you have one big dream?
Do you want to play a sport professionally?
Do you want to help others pursue their dreams and

Do you put other people in front of you?

Do you like to make your friends happy?
Do you help others with their dreams and goals?

Do you try to impress other people?

Do you dress to impress?
Are you competitive withyour friends and try to
dress your best.

Do you like to dress femininely?

Do you love wearing girly clothes like dresses and skirts
most of the time?
Do you dress to impress your friends and boys.

Are you sociable?

Do you like hanging out with your friends>
Do you like to party?

Do you like to stay at home?

Do you prefer to stay inside after a bad experience?
Do you prefer being at home rather then doing
outdoor activities?