What does Skye Sumikenchi think of you?

What does Skye Sumikenchi think of you?

Want to find out what Skye Sumikenchi thinks of you? Do you think you cross her ice cold outside and reach her soft and sweet inside? Are you worthy of being called her friend? Or will you be her enemy? Will you just be considered a nobody, or actually someone she'd talk too? I guess it all depends on your personality...

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Rangiku: Hey, I'm your host for this evening, so let's get started... Captain! Toshiro: What? Rangiku: Can you please help me with the questions? Toshiro: Why? Rangiku: You know you best friend better than me! Please! Toshiro: Fine... -_- Choose a word that best describes your personality

Cold and Calm
Quiet and shy
a bit clumsy and sort of an air head at times
a chatterbox and drama queen
sweet and caring
Happy-go-lucky and bouncy
Cold and strong
Cold and intelligent
Intelligent and strong

Rangiku: Byakuya! I also need your help! Byakuya: Go away... Rangiku: I'll tell everyone your secret if you don't help. Byakuya: What secret? O////O Rangiku: Byakuya is- Byakuya: FINE! Whatever! What's your weapon of choice?

a sword
your fists
A sword that transforms into millions of butterflies! ^_^
none - you control the wind
a scythe
a sword that can transform into a huge scythe in it's shekai form
none - you have wizardry
You don't believe in violence
Nothing - you just charm your way through a battle and hope that the love of your life will come save you

Rangiku: I would like to ask Koishii to take the stage and ask the next question Koishii: I highly disagree to that proclaimation you -- Rangiku: Stop using your big anf fancy words and just do it! Koishii: fine, what is your favourite subject?

All subjects! ^_^

Rangiku: Hey, Makai! Get your butt in here and ask the next question! Makai: I don't have to listen to you lady! I can do whatever I like! Rangiku: Please! Makai: You creep! Only if you stop annoying me! Rangiku: Fine! Just do it! Makai: Whatever... What do you think of me and Koishii?

Rangiku: Hey, Makai! Get your butt in here and ask the next question! Makai: I don't have to listen to you lady! I can do whatever I like! Rangiku: Please! Makai: You creep! Only if you stop annoying me! Rangiku: Fine! Just do it! Makai: Whatever... What do you think of me and Koishii?
Annoying and stupid!
They are so funny! XD
They are alright... a bit creepy though
They are really cool!
They are really funny, but strong and are really intelligent!
They are really strong
they are caring and sweet

Rangiku: Okay so I think it's time for me to start the RP!

Damn... (Rangiku: That's not very nice :( )
Finally!!! I've been waiting for it for so long now!
just get on with it!
can't wait!

You were walking in the world of the living and you see Skye... what are you thinking?

IT'S SKYE!!!! YAY!!!
I wonder if she'll talk to me today...
oh no! She's gonna kill me if she sees me!
don't make eye contact! don't make eye contact!
I wonder if she could teach me her new move now... I doubt I'll see her anytime soon anyway...
I'm gonna go give her a hug, she looks sad...
I wonder why she looks so sad today... Maybe I should go cheer her up...
She doesn't look like she's in the mood for talking... I think I should just leave her...
It's not like she'll notice me this time... I might as well not even try...

Whatever you chose, you went to go and talk to her because you thought she looked a bit sad. (you know, more than average...) She turns to you and you ask her...

what's wrong Skye?
Hey, are you feeling alright?
You look a little down, what's up?
Wanna battle?
Don't hurt me!!
Oh so the emo is finally showing some emotion now is she??
Oh my gosh! It's really you! Ahh! Finally, we meet face to face!
are you gonna talk to me, or should I just walk away?

Whatever you said you asked her why she looks so sad, she just looks away and says "Why do you care?" Your responce?

Because I do, just tell me!
I don't, sorry for being such a bother to you... I'm leaving now...
Hey, I just wanted a battle...
please tell me, I wanna help you, please!
Because I love you!
... I.. I'm sorry... I'll leave now...
um... sorry to bother you...
I would just like to know... If you don't wanna tell me that's okay too...
I... err... Don't hurt me please!!

She eventually gives in and says "Makai and Koishii are in bad conditions and the doctors don't wanna let me see them... I hope that they are okay... It was all my fault you see... Wait... Why I am even telling you this??" Your responce?

Because you are an idiot...
I don't even know... I just want to fight you!
Because you want to?
Because you trust me?
i don't know... but I think I know how to cheer you up...
... i don't even know why I'm still here...
I don't know... but I don't know how to help you sorry...
Because you LOVE ME!!!
because you needed to tell someone, and you should know that I am the right person to tell...

Okay, last RP. You see Koishii and Makai fighting with Renji again and trying to protect her against him. What do you think, say or do?

Think: Haha! She's such an idiot! She needs protection! haha! Stupid fool!
Say: Go Makai and Koishii! Show em' who's boss!
Say: Go Renji! You are way better than that Toshiro guy! You deserve her more!
Think: They are so cute the way they protet their sister!
Do: Help Koishii and Makai
Say: Hurry up guys! I wanna battle Skye!
think: again, she doesn't see me... oh well...
think: they are really sweet for protecting their sister like that
Think: The way they protect their sister is hilarious! Say: You go Skye's brothers! Do: hug Skye

Rangiku: Wasn't that fun?

I guess
she didn't die.. so no!
Aww! She didn't become my best friend!!!!
I didn't battle her... so no..
it was really nice!

Rangiku: So the last question is... What is your favourite colour?

Black (That's a shade you idiot!)
Ice blue
Blood Red
A colour Skye hates (Pink?) Yes, pink!

Rangiku: okay... Last question... what is Skye's weakness?

Isn't Sake?
I don't know...
she doesn't talk to me...
I know! it's obviously Toshiro!
Everything! She's so freakin' weak!
It's gotta be Sake or Toshiro
why are we talking about the negative!
nothing in terms of fighting... I can't detect anything...
How am I supposed to know idiot?!

Rangiku: Who is better? Koishii or Makai?

neither... they are both stupid (that's not nice)
both! I can't choose!
Makai - I like his attitude!
I don't know them that well, but I think I like Makai better because Koishii is just really mean!
Koishii - he is super smart!
Both - they both complete each other, you can't have one without the other... it wouldn't be right...
Which ever one Skye likes better!
they are both sweet to Skye and they are just mean because it's in their protective instincts... so both!
Koishii - because he is way better looking than Makai!

Skye: What are you doing Rangiku? Aren't you supposed to be doing your work?! Toshiro: That's what I told her! She won't listen that girl! Rangiku: Nothing! Nothing at all, um, I'm leaving right now!! bye!

No! don't leave me with them! Toshiro will kill me! (Toshiro: hahaha... *Evil glare*)
sup guys!