What is your personality (3)

What is your personality (3)

this is my first quiz i hope you like it thank you for trying my quiz

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Your best friend is moving house. What do you do?

Ask her to come round yours and have a pizza
Send her a moving house card and a gift to remind her of you
Give her a massive hug and invite her round for a sleepover and a manicure and pedicure along with a prezzie

Would you rather?

Stay at home with your bff
Try experiments with make up on you and your bff
Take your bff to a football match

Your sister wants to borrow your pair of heels. What do you do?

You have no heels so you ask your sister if your trainers will do
Give her your most fabulous pair of heels you have to make her stand out from all of the other girls
Go and buy her some of her own heels so she can use them whenever she wants

Your strict teacher asks where your homework is. You haven't done it. What do you do?

Tell your teacher you will bring it in when its done
Say sorry and promise that you will bring it in tommorow
Admit you haven't done it and promise that you will bring it in straight after school

Your brother's best friend is sleeping round for the night and you have to sleep on the floor. what do you do?

Ask them if they could move into another room because you badly need your sleep
Keep quiet and get on with it. You don't want to upset your brother
Tell them it would be more exciting if they both slept in the living room