What Describes You? (girl version)

What Describes You? (girl version)

Take This Quiz And You Will Find You. (and if you did'nt find you im sorry im new at this)

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Whats Your Favorite Color?

Whats Your Favorite Color?
Pink And Orange :D
Black And Purple
Any Dark Color... =.=
School Uniform Colrs (But Mostly Pink :D)

Do You Have Friends? :3

Do You Have Friends? :3
0 Friends
I Have Like Either 1 Friend Or No Friends
I Have Friends :3
I Have So Much Friends That Im Like The Princess Of My School

Where Do You Usually Shop At?

Any Where That Has Black Only...
The Mall
Any Where That Only Has Purple And Black...

What Color Is Your Hair? Or Whats Your Hair Color Dream?

Brown Or Blonde
Any Thing That Has A Little Pink :D
Neon Green, Black, Neon Pink, Purple.

What Do You Think You're Going To Get?

Girly Girl.
Emo Girl.
Goth Girl.
Preppy Girl.